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We decided to provide more info on that page about Taxis in Ireland especially for new visitors or tourists in Ireland.

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Picking up a taxi is transportation option you have from the moment you arrive in Dublin Airport, or Shannon Airport in county Clare, or Cork Airport on the south of Ireland.

How taxi looks like in this country?

Generally, they are all very safe, easy to find and recognize. There is no specific type of car or they are not all of the same color as it is the case in other countries or like in New York city.

They all have a yellow sign on the top, with the word TAXI in yellow text on blue background. This sign on the car will also include its taxi registration number.

Some of them have sticker on the sides of a car with logo of taxi company which provide that service.

Years back it was practically impossible to find a taxi in Dublin at night. Today situation is much better. Now it’s quite easy to find a taxi in Dublin at any given moment of the day or night, even on a Friday or Saturday evening.

But if you landed somewhere far a way from a civilization and has no telephone to local taxi company, or even internet access that time, perhaps you has also no chance to even get a bus to the nearest town that mean You just got stuck.

So… be prepared and add taxi numbers to the phone book. That’s the point where this page may be also useful if You planning trip to Ireland.

Let’s say Us something about taxi types here.

In the country You can  basically find three different types of taxis: the regular taxis, the hackney cabs and the limousines. While the regular ones have the distinctive yellow and blue sign on top, hackney cabs are not marked. Regular taxis work on metered rates. You can hail one in the street or go to the nearest taxi stand.

The hackney cabs work on fixed rates and can be hired from specialized offices spread throughout the city. However, it is advisable you stay away from the hackney cabs as they tend to overcharge their customers.

If you decide to hire a hackney cab, you should get informed on the rates and distances beforehand. Once you agreed on a price with the driver, you will have to pay it. Hackney cabs drivers are allowed to require their passengers to prove they have the means to pay for the ride beforehand. The same goes for limousine taxis.

Standardised taxi fares.

In 2006, to assist in the development of taxi services nationally, the whole country was designated as a single taximeter area. A National Maximum Taxi Fare was also introduced, to ensure that fares are transparent and predictable, and that customers are not confused.

How taxi fares are calculated

The structure of the national maximum taxi fare is programmed into the taximeter that is installed in all taxis and wheelchair accessible taxis. This calculates the fare based on:

  • When the journey takes place (Standard, Premium or Special Premium rate may apply), and
  • The length of the journey and/or the time taken (Initial Charge always applies, and additional charges based on Tariff A and Tariff B may also apply). The Initial Charge is fixed and covers any distance up to 500 metres or time period up to 85 seconds. After that, the fare is calculated based on the distance travelled or, if the speed drops below 21.2 km/h, the journey time.

The table below summarises the main features of the current national maximum taxi fare.

Standard rate:

Applies between 08:00h and 20:00h Monday to Saturday, except public holidays

  • Initial Charge (up to 0.5 km or 85 seconds): €3.80
  • Tariff A (next 14.5 km or 41 minutes): €1.14 per km or €0.40 per minute up to a total €20.40
  • Tariff B (thereafter): €1.50 per km or €0.53 per minute

Premium rate:

Applies between 20:00h and 08:00h Monday to Saturday, and all day on Sundays and public holidays

  • Initial Charge (up to 0.5 km or 85 seconds): €4.20
  • Tariff A (next 14.5 km or 41 minutes): €1.45 per km or €0.51 per minute up to total €25.40
  • Tariff B (thereafter): €1.80 per km or €0.64 per minute

Special Premium Rate:

Applies between Christmas Eve 20:00h and St Stephen’s Day 08:00h and between New Year’s Eve 20:00h and New Year’s Day 08:00h

  • Initial Charge (up to 0.5 km or 85 seconds): €4.20
  • Tariff  (all distances): €1.80 per km or €0.64 per minute

Informations based on website of Irish National Transport Authority:

You will find more  on:  https://www.nationaltransport.ie/taxi-and-bus-licensing/taxi/operating-an-spsv/taxi-fares/

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